Smart IT - Can Smart IT support the use of Task Groups nested inside other Task Groups?

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT 1.5.00


    Does Smart IT Support the use of Task Groups nested inside other Task Groups


    Smart IT currently does not support viewing/working on Task Groups that are nested inside other Task Groups.

    The following warning displays when a Task Group template is used in a request that has nested Task Groups in addition to normal Tasks:

      Warning: “VIEW ONLY: This Task group has additional nested task groups which are not supported or viewable in Smart IT. Use Classic View to interact with these Tasks.
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    Note: if a Task Group Template    only contains nested Task Groups Templates (i.e. no Task Templates are used in the Task Group Template) and this template is used in Smart IT, no related Task will be visible at all and no warning like indicated above would display either. If you would access the request in classic ITSM, the added Task Group and its nested Task Groups would be visible.  
    Engineering team has confirmed it is working as design. 


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