Adding a new attribute or custom field to Devices using Additional  Device Attribute

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    How can we add additional attribute to device in BCM.



    A new field could be added to the Device attribute from Global setting->Addtional Device Attribute, and you could then update this field against all the existing devices managed by BCM

    For Example

    We add the "Hardware Type" field to Additional device attributes

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    "Hardware Type" will then  appears in the customized section of the Properties Window of that device 

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    We then create a  .csv with the new "Hardware type"  field also give the required details 

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    Browse to the device group you would want to import the details to. Right Click on the device group->import the .csv
    The new field from the .csv shows under "Source Column" , and you need to then map it to the "Hardware Typefrom the drop down

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    The customised attribute will get updated by the details it imports from the .csv file 

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