TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor:How to Create Logical type , Artifact and Instance in Management Console

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    How to Create Logical type, Artifact and Instance in Management Console. 


    Below are the steps to create Logical Type, Artifact and Instance.

    1) First you need to select the Logical Type tab, click on Logical header to create a new logical type with the help of ' + ' icon.
    2) Provide a name to Logical type as per your requirement in the Type Name field .
    3) Create a new Artifact as shown below in screenshot.
    4) Provide the Artifact name and select the Type and its attribute. Here I have selected the Websphere MQ Local Queue and its attribute as QName and CurrentQDepth.
    5) Once done, Save the Artifact .
    6) Select the Logical type name and right click on it to create New Instance as shown below. 
    7) Provide the Instance name in the text field as shown below.
    8) The Physical object would appear on the right side pane, where the user need to select the object corresponding to the artifact type. Once done, click on the create association icon and Save it
    9) Go to the Operations Tab, Select the Logical type and expand its attribute.
    10) Once you click on the Instance name as shown below, a working area on the right hand side pane would appear to create a the Dashboard.
    11) Click on the Label icon to specify the Object name as shown below.
    12) Select the Text field icon corresponding to the label name.
    13) Once done placing all the object details in the working area below as shown.
    14) Drag and drop the Attributes to the Text Field. Corresponding values to the attribute would appear in the working area as shown below in screenshot.

    Note:- Refer the Doc attached which has screenshots for every steps.

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