Requirements to issue IMS TYPE 2 commands during MAXM Reorg/Online utility execution

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    MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS


    MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS


    MAXM online REORG, MAXM online COPY


    Want to use IMS TYPE 2 commands during MAXM Reorg/Online but getting the message BMC250029I OM API IMSPLEX NOT PROVIDED and the REORG is continuing to use IMS TYPE 1 commands.  


    The IMSPLEX name was not found when MAXM Reorg/Online issued IMS commands.



      To circumvent this issue:
    • Change @OMAPI=Y in DLIGSET0
    • AND Identify the IMSPLEX name by specifying with the REORG statement keyword IMSPLEX=(xxxxx) where xxxxx is your IMSPLEX name     
      • OR adding the IMSPLEX name to the RECON using CHANGE.RECON IMSPLEX  issued from the batch utility
      • AND use DBRC DSPSCIX0 exit to set the IMSPLEX name
    • OR set IMSPLEX name in the COMMON_SERVICE_LAYER (CSL) section in DFSDFxxx PROCLIB member


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