TrueSight Operations Management - How to submit an Idea (formerly Request For Enhancement/Request For Change) for TSOM

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    TrueSight Operations Management


    How to submit an Idea (formerly Request For Enhancement/Request For Change) for TrueSight Operations Management.


    Logging onto BMC Communities site gives you access to community features such as the ability to create Ideas and vote on them.

    From the BMC Communities home page, click Login and enter your user name and password. If you do not have a BMC Communities account, click Register to register for an account.

    Use the following recommended steps to create an Idea in BMC Communities. Creating an Idea in the right space, will help to your new idea is seen by the correct product community:

    - Click Products and select a community from the menu (TrueSight Operations Management - TrueSight Operations Mgmt Home) or could select specifically TrueSight Infrastructure Management if the Idea is related to TrueSight Infrastructure Management specifically

    Products - TSOM

    - You can review all the existing ideas, your idea may already be submitted. Click on Ideas option from the main menu.
    Idea - Main Menu

    - From the Actions list, select Create an idea to create an idea that others can see and vote on.

    Idea - Actions List

    - In the editor, type a title for your idea, and then type a description. You can format your idea with bulleted and numbered lists, attach videos, insert tables.
    Idea - Editor

    When you start typing the title, the editor prompts you with similar ideas so that you can see if a similar idea has already been submitted.

    - Additional options are available:
       - Add Tags - To include popular or related tags on which the BMC Community can search.
       - Select Categories - Help others find your content by selecting relevant Predefined categories.

    Idea - Options

    - When you are finished, click Publish.

    For additional information on the Ideas process, please refer to the FAQ on

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