Question of Layout of Fast Path HD Unload format

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    This is question of Layout of Fast Path HD Unload format.
    When UNLOAD from Fast Path Database using BMC Fast Path utility, I want to know between Header and user data part. 
    Especially, I want to know record header part(1-37 bytes). This is a standard HD UNLOAD Format.


    The HD Unload DSECT given the 35 Bytes of header. The 2 bytes before the key is the segment length field.

    X'01'              RGUSEGLV DS    C             SEGMENT CODE FOR THIS SEGMENT              
    X'00'              RGUHSDF  DS    C              DELETE FLAG USED BY HSAM                  
    X'0023'          RGUHDRLN DS    H             LENGTH OF HEADER PORITION OF RECORD       
    X'007B'          RGUSEGLN DS    H             LENGTH OF DATA PORITION OF RECORD          
    C’SIMSRUT’  RGUSEGNM DS   CL8        SEGMENT NAME                               
    X’00’              RGUSEGDF DS    C             DELETE FLAG OF SEGMENT                     
    X’00000000’  RGUPFCTR DS    XL4          COUNTER FIELD OF PREFIX                    
    X’00000000’  IOTWFOR  DS      XL4          LOGICAL TWIN FORWARD POINTER               
    X’00000000’  IOTWBACK DS     XL4          LOGICAL TWIN BACKWARD POINTER              
    X’00003000’  IOPAR    DS          XL4          LOGICAL PARENT POINTER                     
    X’00003089’  IOOLD    DS          XL4          OLD LOCATION OF RECORD                     
    X'007B'          IOSEG    DS                          VARIABLE LENGTH DATA FIELD(SEGMENT LENGTH) 

    35 Bytes Header Information + 2 Bytes Segment Length = 37 Bytes

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