TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor : Unable to connect to Management Console receives unable to find valid certification errors

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    TrueSight Middleware Monitor


    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management


    TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor TrueSight Middleware Monitor BMC Middleware and Transaction Management


    Unable to connect to the Management Console while logging in.

    Below error can be seen in the qpas-wrapper.log or the error will pop up while connecting to the Management Console.
    Error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target  (OR)  Login Processing Exception: LDAP returned unexpected exception: LDAPException: Reader thread terminated (91) Connection Error PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target



    To address this issue, certain changes needs to be done to the revocation list in java settings. Please perform below steps as given:

    - From the client machine, where the Management Console is accessed, Open Control Panel.
    - Under Programs, Select Java.
    - Go to Advanced tab and add changes to the revocation list as shown below in the snap.

    User-added image

    - Once the above highlighted settings are selected, click OK.
    - Stop all the services (Client Gateway Service(qpcgateway), Event Service(qpes), History Service(qphs), Topic Service(qpts), Application Service(qpas))
    - Run the shared command by opening a command prompt : javaws -Xclearcache
    - Start all the services in the given order(Application Service(qpas), Topic Service(qpts), History Service(qphs) Event Service(qpes), Client Gateway Service(qpcgateway))

    Try connecting to Management Console. If the issue is still persisting after performing the changes, please contact BMC Customer Support with the do_support logs.

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