PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) is not discovering any business transactions under the application instances in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) 11.3.01 Hotfix 1 or later

Version 34
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    PATROL for Application Management


    AM KM


    PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) version TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) version 11.3.01 Hotfix 1 or later



    After installing the PATROL for Application Management (AM KM) version in the following environment:

    - TSPS 11.3.01 Hotfix 1 and later
    - TrueSight App Visibility Portal/Collector 11.3.01 Hotfix 1 and later

    The business transactions are not being discovered under the App Visibility Agent for Java and/or App Visibility Agent for .NET applications in the AM KM within the TSPS console (Monitoring -> Devices screen).



    The Application Diagnostic (AD) API were changed in TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) version 11.03.01 Hotfix 1 and later environment, and this broke the AM KM functionality.



    To resolve this issue, install the AM KM hotfix.  Below are the steps to download and install this hotfix:

    Step 1) Download the AM KM hotfix (file called from the following link:

    Step 2) Extract the contents from the .zip file, and review the readme file for installation instructions.

    Note: The prerequisite for the AM KM hotfix is to have the AM KM or AM KM already installed.



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