How to suppress or change the status of errors returned by a Borland Silk Performer Synthetic script

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    Sometimes there are errors returned in a Borland Silk Performer script that are not harmful to the actual running of the script.  In this scenario, it may be useful to convert the error to a different message type.  Below are examples of errors that might be converted to informational:

    WebRemedyBackChannelUrl(Web Engine: 12 - The parameter provided is invalid., Please select the correct Remedy Application Type for script recording)
    HTTP: 1014 - WWW-Authenticate header is missing but status code was 401., RespHdrGetHdr




    Below is an example of a Synthetic Truelog that shows an error that could be converted to informational:

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    The error in this example is: "HTTP: 1014 - WWW-Authenticate header is missing but status code was 401., RespHdrGetHdr"

    This code is coming from the Micro Focus Silk Performer. The Module here is "HTTP" and the error code is "1014" (beginning of the returned error message). 

    If the script is built using HTTP Protocol scripting model, then follow the below procedure:
    1.  Open the script with Silk Performer and edit the profile for this project. Go to Replay, Simulation, Errors. Click on the "Add..." button. 

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    2.  That will open a new window.  Select the the appropriate module (HTTP) and select the error code (1014). Setting the Custom severity to "success" will ensure that the script will ignore every future error of this type.

    WARNING: Saving that script with that specific profile will make that script ignore this specific error ALL THE TIME. 

    If the script is built using the Browser Driven (AJAX) scripting model, then follow the below procedure:
    Errors can be converted to informational instead of errors using the BrowserIgnoreServerError function:


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