IEF450I jobname STEP050 - ABEND=S806 U0000 REASON=00000004 for ARCXRST

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    All versions of Application Restart Control for DB2


    The customer gets this error in a job with fault analyzer:

    JOBNAME: jobname  SYSTEM ABEND: 806              lpar     

     <H1> I B M   F A U L T   A N A L Y Z E R   S Y N O P S I S

     The system load of module ARCXRST failed. The load module was not found in the
     standard MVS search path.

    This job is supposed to use AR/CTL but there is no evidence in the output that it was intercepted.


    The job was not registered in the ARCCUST(BMCAES) registration screen and did not fall into any of the high-level categories


    Create a registration record in the appropriate regiset to intercept this job (option (1.AES Records=> 3. Program manual registration). Here you can set of a general class of jobs to intercept using various environment and job data (Program Name, PROC Step, Job Step, MVS ID, DB2 ID, and PLAN Name) with wild cards to narrow down what programs AR/CTL intercepts.

    There is also Automatic Registration available, which can be set up to register jobs as they execute. This topic is covered in the manual.

    When this job is intercepted by AR/CTL, it will allocate the ARCLIB automatically, which is where this module is found.

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