Discovery: How to restart the Discovery appliance services

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery


    How to restart the Discovery appliance services?


    The Discovery services can be restarted from the UI or from the command line.

    1- From the appliance UI:
    For a standalone appliance, go to Administration > Control, then click on "Restart Appliance Service". See

    For a cluster, go to Administration > Control, then click on "Restart Cluster Services". See Note this can also be done from the Administration > Cluster Management page.

    2- From the command line:
    - Connect to the appliance using ssh and login as user tideway. 

    ### Stop the services:

    CentOS 6 or RHEL 6:
    sudo /sbin/service tideway stop    
    sudo /sbin/service cluster stop
    sudo /sbin/service omniNames stop
    sudo /sbin/service appliance stop

    CentOS 7:
    tw_service_control --stop   
    sudo systemctl stop cluster
    sudo systemctl stop omniNames
    sudo systemctl stop appliance

    ### In rare cases, a process may be "stuck" and not end cleanly. To check for this, run:
    ps –ef | grep python
    ... and then kill any remaining python processes:
    kill -9 <pid>
    Note that there are two "privileged" processes owned by root, for example: 

    root      7490     1  0 May21 ?        00:00:00 python /usr/tideway/python/privileged/main.pyc --daemon start
    root      7495  7490  0 May21 ?        01:02:43 python /usr/tideway/python/privileged/main.pyc --daemon start

    It is not necessary to kill these, however doing so will cause no harm.
    ### Restart the services:
    CentOS 6 or RHEL 6:
    sudo /sbin/service appliance start
    sudo /sbin/service omniNames start
    sudo /sbin/service cluster start
    sudo /sbin/service tideway start      

    CentOS 7:
    sudo systemctl start appliance
    sudo systemctl start omniNames
    sudo systemctl start cluster
    tw_service_control --start    




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