Introducing BMC Helix Monitor

Version 2
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    Chatbot_Helix_Monitor icon.pngWHAT IS BMC HELIX MONITOR?


    BMC Helix Monitor is the next evolution of BMC’s monitoring and event management solutions. BMC Helix Monitor is part of BMC Helix which unites Discovery, Monitoring, Service Management, Optimization and Remediation in a cloud native microservices-based platform with REST APIs for integrations and extensibility.


    BMC Helix Operations Management

    BMC Helix Operations Management (part of the BMC Helix Monitor product family) is a SaaS solution based on a cloud native containerized microservices architecture that enables simple deployment and upgrades, elastic scalability and high availability with broad ITOM capabilities. BMC Helix Operations Management combines the proven monitoring and event management capabilities you’ve come to rely on with a modern architecture to ensure ease of use, high performance and exceptional time to value.




    Determine where you want to deploy BMC Helix Optimize – on AWS cloud or BMC cloud.


    Faster time to value

    Faster access to innovation via BMC managed deployment and upgrades.


    Enterprise grade scalability and availability

    The microservices-based architecture enables the solution to elastically scale to accommodate the growing environment sizes and huge data volumes that are typical in many IT organizations today.


    ITOM data lake

    Ingest data, metrics and events from many different technologies and integrates via open REST APIs to create an ITOM data lake for large scale operational data analytics.


    Simplified User Experience

    An updated UI significantly streamlines the operations and administration user experience. Easier visualization and drill down into metrics is enabled via graphs showing performance of multiple metrics.


    Tagging and Event Analytics

    Tagging enables all internal and external events and metrics related to a device or monitoring instance to be consolidated in a single view to provide deep visibility of the status of all related infrastructure.


    Alarm Generation Workflows

    The new UI provides guided creation of new alarm generation policies to significantly reduce the administration tasks associated with establishing

    and maintaining thresholds.


    Lower cost of ownership

    Shift from CapEx to OpEx, avoiding the costs of procurement, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades.


    Lower business risk

    Reduce or eliminate operational issues that cause business interruption.


    Compliance and security

    BMC manages platform security including data privacy and data protection, system access, third-party audits and disaster recovery.


    Learn more here: BMC Helix Monitor Tech Note