Introducing BMC Helix Optimize

Version 3
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    Optimize icon.pngWHAT IS BMC HELIX OPTIMIZE?

    BMC Helix Optimize is a solution set that includes BMC Helix Capacity Optimization and BMC Helix Cloud Cost. By combining the capabilities of these solutions, IT organizations have the insights to balance IT costs and business risk.


    BMC Helix Capacity Optimization

    BMC Helix Capacity Optimization provides visibility into the entire IT infrastructure—physical, virtual, containers and cloud—so IT can easily add, remove, or adjust compute, storage, network, and other IT infrastructure resources to meet changing application and service demands.


    BMC Helix Cloud Cost

    BMC Helix Cloud Cost provides visibility and control of cloud costs. Self- service views keep budget owners, project owners and stakeholders informed and in control of their cloud operational spend and budgets. With automated recommendations and actions, cloud resource services remain optimized, eliminating wasted spend.


    BMC Helix Capacity Optimization and BMC Helix Cloud Cost can be purchased together or separately.




    Determine where you want to deploy BMC Helix Optimize – on AWS cloud or BMC cloud.


    Faster time to value

    Faster access to innovation via BMC managed deployment and upgrades.


    Lower cost of ownership

    Shift from CapEx to OpEx, avoiding the costs of procurement, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades.


    Lower business risk

    Reduce or eliminate operational issues that cause business interruption.


    Compliance and security

    BMC manages platform security including data privacy and data protection, system access, third-party audits and disaster recovery.


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