TSSR-SA: Important Warehouse DB check to execute before performing initial migration of a BDSSA Warehouse to TSSA-DW

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    Truesight Smart Reporting for Server Automation 19.2+


    This Knowledge Article contains instructions for running an important SQL diagnostic query against a BMC Decision Support for Server Automation (BDSSA) Warehouse DB before performing the initial migration of the warehouse from BDSSA to Truesight Server Automation - Data Warehouse (TSAA-DW)

    This KA will be referenced from the TSSR-SA documentation as a step to be performed before starting the TSSR-DW installation.

    The SQL diagnostic query aims to proactively identify a problem data condition which could result in one of the following errors being encountered (in the TSSA-DW\logs\bds-ui.log file) during the migration of the warehouse DB from BDSSA to TSSA-DW:

    SQL Server: [ERROR] com.bmc.bbds.util.BDSException: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid object name 'vo_compliance_job_denom'.
    Oracle:  [ERROR] java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    Note 1: If the environment is already running an earlier version of TSA-DW/TSSR-SA (19.01, 19.2 or 19.2.01) and TSA-DW/TSSR-SA is being updated to a later version this KA can be safely ignored.

    Note 2: If this is the initial migration of the BDSSA environment to TSA-DW/TSSR-SA then this article should be followed before beginning the TSA-DW installation.


    Incorrect value in DWH_VERSION Table


    Run the following SQL Query against the BDSSA warehouse which is being migrated to TSA-DW for use by TSSR:

    select * from dwh_version;

    The output should be as follows:

    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -------------
             8          9          0          0         42          9999

    Next Steps:

    1) If the output of the four highlight values above is "8900", proceed with the planned migration of the warehouse from BDSSA to TSSA-DW. This is the correct value and no remediation is required.

    2) If the output is anything other than "8900", pause the migration at this point and contact BMC Customer Support for assistance in remediating the data condition.


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