TSSA/BSA: Windows filter configuration file product_category.xml remains in old format after upgrade to TSSA 8.9.03+ versions

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BladeLogic Patch Management


    8.9.03+ versions



    After upgrading Truesight Server Automation (TSSA) to 8.9.03+, the product_category.xml Windows filter configuration file remains in the old format.


    The format of the product_categories.xml file has been changed in TSSA 8.9.03

    Old Format -


    <product_category name="SQL Server 2016" type="category">
            <product name="SQL SERVER 2016 ANALYSIS SERVICES X64">
            <product name="SQL SERVER 2016 EXPRESS EDITION X64">
            <product name="SQL SERVER 2016 REPORTING SERVICES X64">
            <product name="SQL SERVER 2016 X64" >


    New Format -


    <product_category name="SQL Server 2017">
            <vendor name="Microsoft">
                <family name="SQL Server">
                    <version name="SQL Server 2017" />


    Refer -






    To resolve this problem:

    Locate the product-categories-filters.xml in the <file server>/patch/GlobalConstants directory.
    Make a backup copy of the file
    Delete the file from the <file server>/patch/GlobalConstants directory.
    If customization of the list of Windows Products is still required, download the latest file from Patch Global Configuration. Product_category.xml can be fetched from - Configuration > Patch Global Configuration > Windows > Windows Filter Configuration File

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    Customize it, and then supply the path to the newly customized file in the Windows Filter Configuration File value.  Otherwise, leave that setting blank if customization is no longer required.


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