TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) : How to list only the latest versions of kernel RPM as missing and not all available RPMs --INCLUDES-VIDEO

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    When using an include list with RPM-based Patching (RHEL, OEL, SuSE), and the include list contains several versions of the kernel and related rpms, how can I analyze for only the latest version of the package ?



    In the TSSA Patch Analysis job:

    • Ensure that you are using 'Update' mode in the 'Analysis Options' tab - Update mode checks the installed RPMs on the server and if there is any newer version of the RPMs present in the patch catalog specified. If it finds the latest version of the RPM, it is shown as missing.


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    NOTE: If the newer version of the RPM requires any other RPM as its dependency, the other RPM is also shown missing since it is a part of the dependency

    • (only for 8.9 SP1 and later releases) In 'Include Exclude Options', select 'By Package Name only' - This checks the latest version of the RPM and if that RPM is present on the server. If yes, the latest version of the package is shown as missing


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