How to recreate containers for DWPC

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    BMC Digital Workplace Basic


    Receives errors related to the migrations while starting the DWPC server.  Below is one of the example of error.

    {"status":"INTERRUPTED_BY_ERROR","currentlyRunningMigration":"M20180320_01_AddTwoWayCommFldsToActivityLog","currentlyRunningT                                      enant":null,"currentlyRunningMigrationStatus":"com.bmc.myservice.common.util.exception.MyServiceMigrationsException: com.bmc.                             [ERROR (303): Record Definition does not exist on server.; myit-sb:ActivityLog      


    You can recreate the DWPC containers by perfoming below steps and issue will be fixed.

    - Login to the DWP C server using putty.

    - Go to /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace/sb and the below command 

    java -jar /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace/sb/create_container/CreateContainer-19.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar  -s localhost -t 9988 -u Demo (dwpc admin user) -p password -jp 8008 -ar "/opt/bmc/digitalworkplace"

    - Restart the DWPC server. You will observe it starts successfully.

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