DWP - DWP Catalog Services are not showing up in DWP

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    DWP C 19.00 and 20.00


    DWP stopped showing services and previously submitted requests to users.
    Something happened overnight and when we tried to login with one of user accounts DWP was throwing authentication error in the dwp.log. I reset password in ITSM and DWPC. After that user can login but doesn't see any of the  previously submitted requests or published services



    User record got corrupted


    -Confirmed records existed under DWP Catalog AR Server User form.
    -Deleted Faulty users records from DWPC  AR User Form
    -Cleared user group sync script lock and data files
    -Re run script
    -Log onto DWP as the non-working users
    -Confirmed issue got resolved and users were now able to see DWP C Services.

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