ITDA - How to Replace indexers?

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    TrueSight IT Data Analytics


    TrueSight IT Data Analytics




    There are time that customers want to replace the current set of indexers machine with a new ones, the steps mentioned on this document cover the scenario in which you may want to replace all indexer boxes with a new set of indexer boxes.


    1. Stop all the indexer
    2. Delete all the indexer using delete component cli command

    deleteComponents -t NAME -n <INDEXER_NAME>  -d localhost -p 9797 -u admin -w admin12345

    3. use the below documnet to make the Primary indexer (Master Indexer(s)) in all the ITDA components

    Note: In all indexer elasticsearch.yml put this property correctly " <MasterInxer hostname>:<port> " and in Primary indexer(Master indexer) make this property "true".

    4. Start the Primary indexer(Master Indexer) services first and check in components is it showing the status as green or not.
    5. Start the remaining indexer one by one and check the status, Don't start the old Indexers.

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