Client Management: How to configure the patch module to scan the machine on startup

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    Client Management


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    I want my devices to scan their patch inventory at startup, how do I do?


    This is the option that has to be checked on the device:

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    1- Update your rollout configurations
    Select each of the rollout configurations you use to deploy windows device and set this new option:

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    Note: don't forget to regenerate the pull rollout packages if any is in use in the environment.

      To update the pull rollout packages:  
    - select the rollout config and go to the sub node "Servers"  
    - select the rollout server on which the pull is published  
    - right click on "Status" and click on "Generate Rollout Package" 

    2- Update the configuration of the existing agents: 
    - import the operational rule attached to this case 
    - assign it to a device group containing all the existing agents (or limit it to some devices) 


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