How to download parameter references for certain products in the BMC Customer Support Portal

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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    Download parameter references => Resources => Parameter Reference Database
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    The BMC Parameter Reference Database (PRD) allows you to download parameter data for certain products. These parameter reports are useful not only for gathering information on default product settings, but also for planning out installation and customization projects.

    When you click the ‘Parameter Reference Database’ link under ‘Resources’ you’ll arrive at the tool’s homepage, but it won’t look like much at first–you’ll need to log in.

    Click the Login button in the upper right corner. If you’re already logged into Support Central, you should be automatically logged into the PRD interface, which will look like Figure below:

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    1 - Filter By Product Name - Search for the product you want by typing its name into the ‘Product Name’ search box. The product list below will be filtered according to your search criteria.

    2 - Find Your Version - In the list below, locate your product, as well as the specific version you’re running.

    3 - Select Download Format - To the right, you can choose which format you’d like to download the parameter report in. Simply click the icon for your desired format to download the parameter report.

    Download parameter references
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