How to find product documentation in the BMC Customer Support Portal

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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    Find product documentation => Resources tab => Documentation
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    BMC’s library of product documentation is extensive, and can be a great resource when you’re looking for in-depth help with a particular product or feature. BMC documentation lives on, but you can get there by clicking the ‘Product Documentation’ link under ‘Resources’.
    The Documentation homepage looks like Figure below:

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    1 - Log Into Docs Interface - We recommend that you login so you have access to all documentation, including Known Defects and Corrected Issues. Your Support Central credentials should automatically grant you access to the docs portal.

    2 - Select from Popular Docs - Under the ‘Popular Documentation’ heading you’ll see a collection of links to some of the most commonly used product docs. If you see your product suite on this list, just click the tile to view the relevant docs.

    3 - Search Docs by Product Name - If your product name doesn’t appear on one of the ‘Popular Documentation’ tiles, then you can type your product name into the ‘Find online documentation by product name’ text box below. To improve your search results, it’s useful to include your product’s version number as well.

    4 - Find Docs for Older Products - Documentation for some of our older products still lives elsewhere on the site. If you’re not able to find documentation for an older BMC product, click the large blue button to go to the Supported Products A-Z list. On that page you’ll be able to check whether your product and version is still supported, and sometimes find links to legacy documentation, as well.

    Find product documentation
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