How to register to access the BMC Customer Support Portal

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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    Register your account

    Before you get started, you’ll need to have a copy of your BMC Order Detail document in front of you.
    NOTE: You should have received this via email when you ordered your product(s). 
    In case you don't have access to this information please contact for assistance. Please ask in your email for the Support ID and PIN to register in our Support Portal; please include in your email the BMC Product/s you need to have access to. If you register without a valid Support Contract ID you will not be able to access the secure areas of our Portal (KB, Downloads, Case Management, etc). 

    To register on the Support Central site:

    1. Go to You’ll see a light grey menu bar with two links on the right. Click Register.

    2. Fill out your personal details.

    3. Select "Access to Support” and please enter your company's Support Contract ID and PIN for access to Customer Support.

    4. “Access to BMC Partner Resources” is only for BMC Partners so please leave this blank unless you are a BMC Partner, if you are a Partner please add your Partner Code (CSN#) to access the Partner Resources and Education. ISV or TAP partners please disregard this section. In case you don't have access to this information please contact for assistance. Please ask in your email for your Partner Code (CSN#) to have access to Partner Resources. 

    5. Select “Access to BMC Academy (Education)” for Academy profile. Academy can be accessed at => Log in to BMC Academy (iLearn)

    6. Please read the "Terms of Use" and if happy please check the box.

    7. Please select the "I agree to receive email about BMC products and promotions" box in case you want to receive communications from us.  

    8. Submit your registration form.

    9. If your registration has been completed successfully, you’ll see a confirmation screen that looks like this:
    User-added image

    10. The final step is validating your registration via email. You’ll receive a message from with the subject line "BMC Account Validation". 

    11. Open the email and click the validation link to activate your account.

    12. After you’ve validated your email, we’ll send you one more email confirming that your registration is complete.

    13. You can now log into the Support Central site.

    Register your account
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