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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    View and edit your support profile => My Support tab => My Support Profile

    Or go to 'Edit Profile' in the top right hand corner after you log into support.

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    1 - My Login Profile

    Clicking on this link => My Login Profile will take you to a page where you can modify your contact information and login credentials:

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    Profile tab:


      Personal details : You’ll use this page anytime you need to update the name, phone number and country on the account.

    BMC Resources: Please access this to update your Support, Education and/or Partner Profile (only for BMC Partners).
    Change Password tab: Please use this in case you want to change your login password.

    Communication tab: Please use this to subscribe to Product Alerts, Marketing Emails, BMC Communities and Partner Communications (only for BMC Partners). 
       2 - Manage Support IDs

    Clicking on this link => Manage Support IDs will take you to a page where you can add or edit Support Contract IDs, as well as view other users registered with the same contract ID:

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    At the top of the page, you can remove support IDs from your profile, and add additional Support IDs to your account. From the table below, you can review the Support Contract IDs associated with your account. To edit an existing Support Contract, tick the Action box in the table and click on of the buttons on top:

    1. Remove Support ID/User - Click this button to remove Support IDs associated with your account. Customer Admins are able to remove users from their support ID.

    2. Allow to Create Case – This is only available for Customer Admins. Allow or disable access to open Cases directly with BMC Software by clicking this button.

    3. Add Support IDs - Click this button to add additional Support IDs to your account.

    4. Show All - Click on ‘Show All’ to display all the users under that support ID.

    NOTE: Customer Administrators will have access to remove users from their Support ID, restrict access to open Cases with BMC Software and change the pin associated with the Support ID to prevent other users from registering with it. If a Customer Admin changes the pin associated with a Support ID, the admin will then be the gatekeeper for that support ID, and all requests for the support ID and pin will be routed through them. You can request administrative privileges by emailing

    3 – Proactive Notification Subscriptions => Proactive Notification Subscriptions: will enable you to subscribe to notifications for any BMC products you choose. 

    View and edit your support profile
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