How to request product licenses in the BMC Customer Support Portal

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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    Request product licenses

    You can find help for requesting product licenses in => My Support tab by clicking the License and Passwords link.

    On the top of the page you’ll find instructions for requesting license information for Remedy products. Follow the links to request new or trial licenses, purge existing licenses, or upgrade your license files.

    NOTE: For help with Remedy license requests, please refer to the instructions found here.

    Further down the page, under the ‘Product Password Requests’ you can follow the instructions to request passwords for other BMC products: 

    BladeLogic Licensing 
    If you are using a BladeLogic product version prior to 8.2, go to the BMC BladeLogic website to download license keys. If you have questions about licenses or license keys, refer to Requesting Licensing and Password Support below.

    BMC Client Management, FootPrints and Track-It! Licensing => Access your Product Licenses. Direct Link:

    Remedy License Keys 
    This document explains how to make the following requests: 
        Request a New License
        Request a Trial/Temporary License
        Purge an Existing License
        License File Upgrade

    Requesting Licensing and Password Support for all other Products
    For Licensing and Password requests not listed above, please submit a new case as explained in

    Request product licenses
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