Remedy - FTS - How to stop FTS search from using leading and trailing wildcard

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    How the configuration can be changed so wild cards are no used when performing a FTS Search?

    The AR System Full Text Search (FTS) performs a leading and trailing wildcard search.
    For example using the search term 'Thursday evening':

    The logs show:
    */FTS: Search request for schema ID 2986, field ID 777031007, search term ((
    %Thursday% %evening%))
    */FTS: Found 1 entry


    Checking in the application configuration side:

    1- In DevStudio the related configured field for FTS is set as:

         User-added image

    2- In the Administration Console > Server Information > FTS this settings is set:
        Search Options = Query Unchanged

         User-added image



    The QBE option for FTS needs to be set correctly to accomplish this scenario.


    Perform the following:
    In DevStudio in the FTS field's properties, change the QBE Match value from 'Anywhere' to 'Equal'.

         User-added image

    Using the query-by-example method
    Remedy - FTS - How does the QBE Match affect searching a FTS indexed field?

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