Dates displayed by the Fast Path/EP Series products may be incorrect during leap years

Version 9
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    Fast Path Online Reorg/EP


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    During leap years, many of the dates displayed by the various Fast Path/EP Series products are incorrect.  Typically, the incorrect date is exactly one day less than what is expected.  (So a function executed on 2/11/2020 might produce reports reflecting a run date of 2/10/2020, for example.)


    Date coding in the software did not always produce correct results during leap years.


    One of the following options may be used to resolve this issue:

    • Obtain and implement PTF BQQ4755 for version 4.0 of the Fast Path/EP Series products and/or PTF BQQ4756 for version 4.1 of these utilities.  (Both PTFs available via BMC's eFix PTF Distribution Services and Internet Service Retrieval beginning 3/27/2020.)
    • Obtain and implement APAR BCQ6904 for version 4.0 of the Fast Path/EP Series products and/or APAR BCQ6905 for version 4.1 of these utilities.  Sample JCL to obtain BCQ6904 and BCQ6905 from BMC's server is included in the text files attached to this Knowledge Article.  (Note: PTF BQQ4755 for PFP v4.0 supersedes BCQ6904 while PTF BQQ4756 for PFP v4.1 supersedes BCQ6905.  Both PTFs are included in product maintenance released as part of RSL2007.)     
      • APAR BCQ6904 (for v4.0) is compatible with version or higher of the Fast Path/EP Series products.
      • APAR BCQ6905 (for v4.1) is compatible with any 4.1 version of the Fast Path/EP Series products.


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