DWP Advanced/SmartIT/ITSM - Worknotes, Posts not being pushed from one app to another

Version 12
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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    DWP, DWP Catalog, Smart IT, ITSM and SRM



    This is more likely to be a configuration issue on the applications, and several  pieces of the integration need to be checked to get the root cause of the issue.

    There are many symptoms to this, and different places to look at, but answering below questions will let you know where's the right place to start off.


    Make sure DWPC Integration Patch is installed on the primary AR Server, or the one that you have defined for this. Also, make sure you have the right DWPC Patch that belongs to your actual DWP Catalog Server version, and that SB:LocalApproval and SB:RemoteApproval are installed and configured with the right ports, hostnames, credentials and protocol.

    SEE KA 000354829 FIRST 

    -Remote Approval Log is the first place to look at. This is under /AR Server/log/remoteapproval.log
    -DWP.log and SmartIT.log can help you troubleshoot, too.

    Additional Testing -

    Test 1 - Notes made on DWP - Can they be seen in ITSM (Incidents, Changes etc.) and SRM (Request and Work Order) and SmartIT?

    • If yes, then proceed to Test 2
    • If  they cannot be seen on any of the applications, then:     
      • Make sure DWP Integration Patches are installed on the Primary AR Server
    • Make sure DWP Providers are enabled and have the right values in the Midtier URL field.
    • Make sure SmartIT and DWP Catalog Integration is configured.
    • Check if notes are public or private.
    Test 2 - Notes made on SmartIT - can they be seen in DWP, SRM and ITSM?  
    • If they can be seen, then proceed to Test 3
    • If they cannot be seen on DWP but can be seen on ITSM and SRM, then     
      • If you are running SmartIT 19.08, then this is more likely to be a defect: SW00562843 - SmartIT - Worknote Issue and this is the fix for it:
    • If they cannot be seen on ITSM/SRM, then make sure Smart IT Providers are enabled and have the right values in the Midtier URL field.

    Test 3 -  Notes made on ITSM and SRM - can they be seen in DWP and Smart IT?  
    • If they can be seen on DWP and SmartIT, then check Test 1 and Test 2
    • If they cannot be seen on DWP, then     
      • Make sure DWP Patches were installed on the AR Server
    • If they cannot be seen on SmartIT, then     
      • Check the SmartIT providers, and make sure they are pointing to the right Midtier server.
    A working scenario, will show below entries in the remoteaction.log. A non working scenario will show failed RPC Calls on the AR Server Port.  
    Log snippet-  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:11,983] [11868@xxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.SendActivityLogsCommand [SendActivityLogsCommand.java:56] Creating Activity Log...  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:12,291] [11868@xxxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.RemoteCommand [RemoteCommand.java:254] Authenticating User hannah_admin@xxxxx.com ...  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:14,106] [11868@xxxxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.SendActivityLogsCommand [SendActivityLogsCommand.java:80] API End point to create Activity: /api/myit-sb/services/requests/11161/activities  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:14,530] [11868@xxxxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.SendActivityLogsCommand [SendActivityLogsCommand.java:95] Activity Log created with response :  InboundJaxrsResponse{context=ClientResponse{method=POST, uri=http://xxxx-3310xxxxx:8008/api/myit-sb/services/requests/11161/activities, status=200, reason=OK}}  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:14,531] [11868@xxxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.RemoteCommand [RemoteCommand.java:156] Updating local entry txn status: 000000000001014  
    [2020-02-14 15:38:14,585] [11868@xxxx-3310] INFO c.b.m.i.RemoteCommand [RemoteCommand.java:172] Done with txn updat  


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