Discovery: UI account is locked or disabled / forgotten password / unable to log in

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    Customer is not able to login to the Discovery UI. The error message is "Login failed. Please try again".

    How to reset the password or reactivate a locked or disabled account from the command line?




    Legacy ID:KA322604

      First, check if the account is active or locked. To do this, open an SSH session to the appliance as the tideway user and execute "tw_listusers". 

    The following state in the output of tw_listusers means that the "system" account is locked:
    user state: USER_STATE_BLOCKED

    To unlock the account, run:
    tw_upduser --active <userName>

    If the state in the output of tw_listusers is like the following, then the password is probably incorrect:
    user state: USER_STATE_ACTIVE 

       To reset the password, execute:  
       tw_passwd <userName>  
       tw_upduser --active <userName>  
       After resetting the password or reactivating an account, it is recommended (but not always mandatory) to execute the command below.  
       tw_upduser --passwd-ok <userName>   
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