Discovery: A scan / run is "on hold", "blocked", or just hung / stalled / stuck. Cancelling the scan has no effect. What causes this, and how can it be removed ?

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    BMC Discovery.


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    Discovery runs are "on hold", "blocked", or just hung / stalled / stuck. It's not possible to cancel them. Restarting the appliance does not help.






    Scans that are "on hold" or "blocked" are in this state for a logical reason. Review this before taking any action:


    In most cases, if a scheduled scan is cancelled, it will not actually be removed until the next scan window.

    If the scan is blocked because it is attempting to access another endpoint which is currently outside a scan window, it's possible to change this behavior by using the "Allow scans even if no window defined" option. See .

    Another option is to resolve this one IP at a time:
    - click on the word "blocked"
    - copy the IP address listed in the column "Requires access to"
    - add this IP to the IP range of the scan
    - run the scan
    - repeat this until there are no more "Blocked" status messages for an inaccessible IP.
    Note the above is labor-intensive and likely will happen repetitively, and should only be used if "Allow scans even if no window defined" is not an option. 

    The tw_reasoningstatus command line utility can be used with the following arguments to show requests which are on hold waiting:

      -w, --waiting               Show requests which are on hold
          --waiting-full          Show requests to original endpoint which are on hold

    Scans may also become hung / stalled / stuck without any clear reason why this has happened. If a restart of discovery services does not solve the problem, please see KA 000159430. 

    Another issue has been identified in defect DRUD1-27353, whereby a timeout in the datastore can lead to a perpetually cancelling run. If this recurs regularly, it is recommended to improve datastore performance - most notably, by running regular compactions.  

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