Create New Custom Dashlets in TSPS (How To)

Version 2
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    Since I've been messing around with TSPS to create the Monitoring Studio X1 plugin for TSPS (, I got a chance to understand how to create custom, new dashlets for the Dashbords in TSPS!!


    So, available now on GitHub, you can use this repository to build your own dashlets:

    GitHub - sentrysoftware/tsps-dashlet-tpl: Create new Dashlets for BMC TrueSight Presentation Server




    Extract of the README:


    A development guide showing how to create new Dashlets for the Dashboards in BMC TrueSight Presentation Server. This project builds:


    • A plugin for TSPS, containing:
      • The Simple Dashlet, which is a good start to create your own dashlet.
      • The Example Dashlet, which is a good example on how to leverage the TSPS REST API to extract data and then use AngularJS and the TSPS frontend framework to display this data.


    Feel free to comment here. If you need more information, or if you have suggestions on how to improve, well, please submit your Pull Request on GitHub :-)


    Also, if you guys start developing custom dashlets, well, please share with the community!