Assemble steps in BMC Installation System job $830DOPT for Fast Path Recovery Utility complete with RC=8 due to references to $BMCCHG macro

Version 9
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    Fast Path Recovery Utility


    The ASM step of in-stream procedure IDOPTS2 completes w/ RC=0008 when attempting to reassemble and relink IMS release dependent modules TSSAFR1A - F and TSSAFR7 - 9 using JCL generated by BMC's Installation System (OZI) for job $830DOPT to install version (RSL2004) of the Fast Path Recovery Utility (FRU).  Output from this job step includes:

    ** ASMA057E Undefined operation code - $BMCCHG


    The module being assembled using OZI generated $830DOPT JCL references macro $BMCCHG, which is not found in any library allocated to the SYSLIB DD of the ASM step in the JCL that invokes in-stream procedure IDOPTS2.


    One of the following three options may be used to resolve this issue:

    1. Obtain and implement PTF BQQ4730 for FRU version 7.1 (available via BMC's eFix PTF Distribution Services and Internet Service Retrieval beginning 3/27/2020); refresh the appropriate run-time libraries, if applicable; then resubmit the $830DOPT JCL previously generated by OZI.
    3. Obtain and implement APAR BCQ6871 for FRU version 7.1; refresh the appropriate run-time libraries, if applicable; then resubmit the $830DOPT JCL previously generated by OZI.  Sample JCL to obtain BCQ6871 from BMC's server is included in the text file attached to this Knowledge Article.  (Note: PTF BQQ4730 supersedes BCQ6871 and is included in product maintenance released as part of RSL2007.)
    5. Manually comment out references to the $BMCCHG macro in members TSSAFR1A - F and TSSAFR7 - 9 within your run-time ASM library by putting an asterisk (*) in column 1 wherever this macro appears in these modules.  (So " $BMCCHG " becomes "*$BMCCHG ".)  Then, resubmit the $830DOPT JCL previously generated by OZI.     
      • //          DSN=&DVRTEHLQ..BMCASM(TSSAFR1F)
      • //           DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&DVRTEHLQ..BMCASM  <== run-time ASM library
      • //           DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&DVDIMCL2
      • //           DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&DVDISDFS
      • //           DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&DVDIMCLB


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