MainView for DB2 - S0C4 in the BBI/SS PAS in module RRLOAD

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    MainView for DB2 - An S0C4 abend occurs in the BBI/SS PAS in module RRLOAD. 


    Possible DB2 storage corruption or improperly-applied DB2 maintenance.



      If a DB2 upgrade or maintenance was recently performed, verify that like-level libraries were used to assemble and link-edit DB2 system modules.

    A generated dump might indicate that the S04E abend occurs with Reason Code 00E50065, which could be a symptom of mismatched DB2 version or maintenance levels.

    The IBM DB2 00E50065 Reason Code indicates that a resource manager linkage request (RMRQ) was received, but the request specified a function code that is undefined in the resource manager function table (RMFT) of the designated resource manager. 
      The abend with 00E50065 or similar reason code could occur as a result of:   
    • A storage overlay.
    • Performing an improper link-edit of DB2 system modules or exits during the installation or upgrade of DB2 software, or applying DB2 maintenance.
        MainView for DB2 attempts to communicate with a DB2 subsystem and start background monitoring, but is unable to do so, as indicated by this message:
                  IS0839E  DBT1 DB2 DMR/BM ABENDS04E. IN ABEND ?????   
       Keywords:  RMRQ RMFT 04E S04E ABENDS04E 00E50065 IS0839E 0C4 S0C4 ABENDS0C4


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