SLA Data Source status shows a status of 'Create in Progress'

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    All version of SLA after an upgrade.


    After an upgrade for the Incident the SLA data source shows in progress. Log into mid tier as an administrator. On  the application fly out select Administration Console | Application Administration Console.  Select the Custom Configuration tab. Service Level Management | Configure Application Settings | Data Sources.

    Select the Data Source like HPD:Help Desk select the Advanced tab under Data Source Settings. On the Fields and Join Form Create Status this shows create In progress and never changes to created successfully.

    Below is an example of the RMS:Release with the create in progress.




    The API/SQL/Filter log files show when this process is running to create the data source, the workflow will first try to delete the old workflow. The workflow objects are missing so they cannot be deleted.


    To resolve the issue create the workflow so that then next time the process runs, it will just delete those objects and create the correct ones.

    Examples from the logs:

    ARDeleteFilter -- name zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailResetReqID`!
    FAIL -- AR Error(323) Filter does not exist on server : "zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailResetReqID`!"

    ARDeleteFilter -- name zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailExitLoop`!
    FAIL -- AR Error(323) Filter does not exist on server : "zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailExitLoop`!

    You can create “dummy” filters or copy one which exists and make the copies with each name. Again, it doesn’t really matter what is in the filter, so it can be very simple. Or just use a copy of an existing similar filter.

    Make a copy/rename to make sure that there is a matching filter name for any that are failing in the logs.

    This is the list of objects that I saw failing in the logs.

    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailResetReqID`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailExitLoop`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailLoadDetail`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqReStart`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqStart`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqStartExclude`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqExclude`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqNOTExcludeNOTStop`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqStop`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqStartStop`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqReOpen`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqDetach`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailAvail`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailNOTAvail`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailUnavail`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailNOTUnavail`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailUnknown`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasAvailNOTUnknown`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailGotoLoop`!
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailStrt2Stp`!

    filter guide:
    zSLMGen:HPD:Help Desk_MeasReqAvailStrt2Stp

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