App Visibility - Standby High Availability Application Visibility Portal/Collector will not start due to corrupted database

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    When the standby High Availability (HA) Application Visibility Manger Portal or Collector are started, they make a connection to the active component and start to copy over the active database.  If at any point in time during this copy, the standby Component or Standby PostGres Database are stopped, then the copy will not complete and the database will become corrupted.  At this point, the standby Portal/Collector will not start up properly.


    Reinstall the standby Application Visibility Manager Portal/Collector.  This will force the component to have a blank copy of the database and allow the component to start.  The component will then connect back to the active component and start the copying the active database.  Do not stop any of the components during this period.  Below are the steps to follow to confirm that the stand by component comes back successfully:

    1.  Reinstall the standby Portal/Collector and allow the installer to start the component.
    NOTE - The FQDN's for all components are case sensitive. 

    2.  To confirm that the standby Portal/Collector started successfully, review the Portal.log/Collector.log for the following lines:

    • Starting to copy primary node data dir
    • Primary node data dir copied successfully
    • Configured database server as [HA_STANDBY]
       NOTE - It may take several minutes to a few hours for the database to copy over. It will depend on the size of the database.  While this copy is happening, do not stop any of the services. The components will  be starting and stopping on their own.  It is important that this process is not interfered with.

    3.  Once the line "Configured database server as [HA_STANDBY]" appears, this means that the standby Portal/Collector is running and the database has successfully copied over.  If this line appears in the standby Portal.log/Collector.log:
    • Configured database server as [HA_ACTIVE]
       Then this means the standby Portal/Collector did not make a successful connection with the active component and now thinks it needs to be the active component.  If this happens, then stop the App Visibility Portal/Collector (not the database) and determine what caused both components to not connect.



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