App Visibility - Does Active EUEM (JavaScript Injection) support static HTML page or iFrames?

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    When the JavaScript was automatically injected (or manually injected) into a static HTML page then the full JavaScript file was fetched, but no beacons sent thus no data is seen in the Network Tier.  It was grayed out.  This will cause no data to be seen in the Network Tier (grayed out) within the application of the TrueSight Presentation Server console.




    If the source of the web page (where the JavaScript should be injected) is a static HTML page/content (i.e., not dynamically generated by IIS) then the automatic JavaScript Injection will fail thus no data will be seen in the Network Tier.  This applies to manual JavaScript Injection as well.

    The App Visibility Proxy can only inject JavaScript to web pages generated during a transaction (dynamic pages).  For example, .aspx pages.  And only if such web page was traced. There would be no matching transaction if the page/resource is static so the JavaScript injection would be pointless anyway.

    An enhancement request (RFE) has been created to provide this type of support.


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