How to Uninstall the PATROL Agent from a Linux machine

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent


    For all versions of PATROL Agent



    How to uninstall the PATROL Agent from a Linux/Unix machine?





    There are two ways to uninstall the PATROL Agent from UNIX/LINUX Machine

    Method 1: Uninstall the PATROL Agent from a Linux machine when the machine has access to a windows browser

    a) Go to the below path:
    [patrol@server Uninstall]#pwd

    b) Try to check for script on the path 

    [patrol@server Uninstall]#ls -l
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 patrol patrol 6096 Mar 26  2019

    c) Run the script and then  the http link will appear on cmd

    d) Copy and paste that link in any browser and start the uninstallation process for UNIX KM


    Method 2: Uninstall the PATROL Agent from a Linux machine when machine has no access to a windows browser


    Delete the following directories.

    a) /etc/patrol.d

    b) /opt/bmc OR Patrol installation directory used

    c) /home/patrol/BMCINSTALL

    This uninstalls the PATROL Agent completely.




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