Entries on SB:ServiceRequestStub are stuck in Waiting to be Sent and approvals going in loop

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    DWPC 18.x, 19.x



      a) Create any new SB Service (customer created "Order New Laptop Manager") in customer environment (using OOB manager approval process).  
    b) Create few requests from DWP for same SB service.  
    c) Go to DWP and you'll see those requests are due approval. Try to approve them.  
      It gives message "Action Submitted  Your action is taking longer than expected and will update shortly". When checked on AP:Detail-Signature form, approval request shows approved but another entry gets created with Approval status Pending. If you try to approve this request from Approval Central same behavior shows up again. Hence every time request is approved, a new entry is created on AP:Detail-Signature form showing Approval status Approved but a new entry is created in status Pending. Eventually the service request is not being approved and this leads to entries on "SB:ServiceRequestStub" keeping stuck in 'Waiting to be Sent'. 
      There is just the host name on SB:RemoteApprovalConfiguration form so no issue with that config. Also regarding SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration, we are able to trigger remoteaction.sh file successfully. 
      These requests should get approved and thus entries shouldn't stuck on "SB:ServiceRequestStub" form. 



    Noticed that there is only one Rule configured for OOB approval process "SB Request Manager Approval". This can be validated from AP:Administration. There should be 6 rules configured for all version until 18.08 for this OOB approval process.



      DWP Catalog 1905 for ITSM 1808 Patch 001 version 19.05-55 needs to be applied to resolve the issue.   
    Applying this D2P package resolved the issue.  


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