Asset ID+ field values on AST:AssetPeople form are set to NULL / BLANK  when  People records are associated to a CI

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy Asset Management Application


    When People records are associated to any CI, the Asset Entry-ID and Asset ID+ field values on AST:AssetPeople form are set to NULL / BLANK .


    This is a know defect SW00564346


    The use case has been fixed in ITSM 20.02 version. 
    In order to correct the data previously present in the  AST:AssetPeople we need to perform below steps

    After upgrading to the 20.02, perform below steps:

    Capture the records count by running below SQL queries.
    SELECT * FROM arschema WHERE name = 'AST:AssetPeople';
    SELECT Count(*) FROM <<SCHEMAID>> WHERE C260100009 IS NULL;

    1.            Login to Dev-studio Import attached definition file which contains one  escalation and one filter.
    2.            Search for the “AST:AST:People_SetAssetEntryID” escalation and Right click on it, click on Run Now option
    3.            This manual run of escalation may show the timeout message which is for client side. Server side the process is still running. Please wait to process gets completed.
    4.            Rerun the above count query once it is showing zero count disable the filter “AST:AST:People_SetAssetEntryIDEscl_SkipAll”

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