MainView Middleware Administrator  v9.0.00 -  Running MIGRATE tool - Error : Call failed, msg=Missing or invalid headers

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    All versions up to v9.1.00 of: TrueSight Middleware Administrator MainView Middleware Administrator BMC Middleware Management - Administration


    Possible symptoms are:

    Trying to run MIGRATE Tool during migrating data/configurations from APPWATCH to MVMA.

    Example Errors :

    Fri, 26 Apr 2019 15:34:58 -0400: AssertException: Expected: 1, got: 403, response.rc does not match expected Permissions error. Fri, 26 Apr 2019 15:34:58 -0400: Call failed, msg=Missing or invalid headers. Fri, 26 Apr 2019 15:34:58 -0400: Please confirm you're logging in with correct credentials



    In MVMA v9, the security checking has been enhanced. The MIGRATE tool does not meet the standards of the enhanced security configuration.


    This error "missing or invalid headers" can be observed while running the MIGRATE tool when migrating data from APPWATCH to MVMA during upgrade.

    To overcome this issue, the enhanced security checking in MVMA needs to be turned off. 

    To disable HTTP request header verification within MVMA

    • Stop MVMA services.
    • Open the wrapper.conf in the configuration sub-folder of the MVMA installation directory.
    • Add an entry where NN is the highest number of the current entries of this type increased by one and <whitelist> is the comma separated list of accepted header identifiers. Make sure to include the identifiers used by the MVMA components to ensure you do not lock out using MVMA through a browser or through a custom application using the MVMA JavaScript API.
                  For example: 
    • Save your changes to wrapper.conf.
    • Restart MVMA services.
    Also, can check out the documentation link provided.


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