Discovery: Scan of an unsupported network device returns NoAccess instead of Skipped/Unsupported

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    A scan of an unsupported network device returns NoAccess instead of Skipped/Unsupported

    A test of the SNMP credential is successful.

      The discovery debug log shows that:  
      - Discovery detects that the sysobjectid is unsupported 
      discovery.devices: DEBUG:    no SysObjectId found in MODELS
    - Discovery reports that it can get the sysdescr, but it is UNKNOWN 
      api.audit: DEBUG:    snmp.getSysDesc(): Got system description status = SUCCESS
      api.classifier: DEBUG: classify(): processing 'WS5100 Wireless Switch, Revision WS. MIB=01a' 
      discovery.heuristics.snmp: DEBUG: identifyDevice:    sysDescr is UNKNOWN





    Legacy ID:KA381585


    Root cause: The scan takes too much time trying other credentials (such as SSH) and hits the reasoning timeout before trying the SNMP credentials.

      This can occur when the system description (sysDescr) does not contain a known keyword like "cisco" that indicates the endpoint is a network device.  
      Workaround: Temporarily disable all the SSH credentials which are used before the SNMP one, scan the device with SNMP, and then create an SNMP recognition rule for the device. 
      Solution: Open a support case to request that the device be integrated in Discovery. The SNMP credentials are used when the device is supported. 


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