BCM CMDB Integration Using D2P Package

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    BMC Client Management 12.X AR System Server >= 9.1.4


    How to configure BCM CMDB Integration Using D2P Package ?



    Here are the steps to configure the BCM CMDB Integration Using D2P Package.

    A) Introduction:

    D2P stands for “Development to Production”.   

    A D2P package is in fact a ZIP file which can be imported from the AR system web interface. It will then create all jobs, transformations, indexes, dataset, usually created by our installer.


    But the main D2P package benefit is to be usable with AR system containers as it doesn’t require a physical access to the machine. Additionally we will have a smaller package, easy to install and debug.

    B) Prerequisites :

    Note that D2P package installation mode is only available from AR System Server version 9.1.4 and higher versions.
    Note that D2P package installation process include specific task for AR System Server versions previous 18.08 patch 1 (from 9.1.4 to 18.08 patch 0 included).

    C) Package Download :

    For BCM 12.8 and lower versions the packages are attached to this KA.  
      Package BCMORACLE1808Patch001.zip is dedicated oracle and postgres databases while package BCMSQL1808Patch001.zip is dedicated to SQL Server databases. 


    For BCM 12.9 and newer versions :    Download from EPD

    D) Additional Steps : Only for AR System Server versions previous from 18.08 patch 1 (from   9.1.4 to 18.08 patch 0) :

    Manual addition of dependency   js-1.7R3.jar in the   pluginsvr_config.xml file for Pentaho plugins.  

    1 - On AR server File location: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\pluginsvr\pluginsvr_config.xml
    2 -  Search for
    3 -  Add <pathelement type="location">C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\diserver\data-integration\lib\js-1.7R3.jar</pathelement>
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    4 -  Search for CMDB.ARDBC.PENTAHO & repeat the step 3.
    5 -  Plugin Server must be restarted after having changed this configuration file (Restart AR Server system service or computer).

    E) D2P Package installation steps: 

    1 -  Login to the AR System Deployment Management Console: 

    User-added image

    2 -  The D2P installation is done in 2 steps: Import & Deploy.  Select the D2P package you want to import. 

    User-added image

    3 -  Once imported the package appears in the list and should appear with the state "Deployable" and status "Ready to deploy". Then click on Deploy. 

    User-added image

    4 -  While deploying you can click on View to see the progress. Installation is complete only once all 22 steps appear with 'Deployed' status. 

    User-added image

    User-added image

    5 -  BCM Configuration through the BCM:Configuration new form : 

    On AR System, go to BCM:Configuration form, you simply access it through URL like this: 

    http://localhost:8080/arsys/forms/<AR System Hostname>/BCM:Configuration

    where <AR System Hostname> must be replaced with your AR System Hostname 

    User-added image

    Then in the "Short Description" field type "Default" and click on search, following record is displayed : 

    User-added image

    Set SQLDBOWNER and SCHEMAPREFIX fields with database owner and Schema prefix ( if empty SCHEMAPREFIX  must be set with "." without quotes). 
    Only set SOFTWARE_GROUPID and HARDWARE_GOUPID if you want to limit data imported from BCM to CMDB within a specific BCM device group. 

     Then save. 

    6) Configure Database Connections : 

    Open Spoon then from Tools > Repository > Explore menu, select one Job, does not matter which one, setting connection configuration for one Job will set it for all of them. 
    User-added image
    Double click on a Job 
    User-added image

    Then under database connections node, you see AtriumDB and BCMDB connections. Double click and modify those connections in order to make them valid. 

    User-added image

    Then save from Spoon menu  File > Save 


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