"The publication was not successful: Publish validation of IM(s) failed" seen when running the publish command

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Integration with CMDB and Publishing Server




    U:\>publish -v
    BMC Impact Service Model Publisher v11.3.02 (Build 241471392 - 19-Mar-2019)
    Copyright 2005-2019 BMC Software, Inc. as an unpublished work. All rights reserved.

    Request received and accepted by the Publishing Server with id Z00000k4pwue4sXp9bZpqMZ37sow4.
    Waiting for outcome of publish request processing (timeout=3,600s)
    Retrieving class info from Atrium CMDB.
    The publication was not successful: Publish validation of IM(s) failed.
    Failure details:
    IM pncell_dev:
    Class info is not synchronized.


    1. Open a command line session on the TSIM server and run:

    pclassinfo -x -o mc_sm_object.baroc.

    This will create a new file called mc_sm_object.baroc. 

    2. Copy mc_sm_object.baroc to $MCELL_HOME/etc/<cellname>/kb/classes, replacing the one that is there already (do this on both cells of if you have an HA setup). 

    3. Recompile the Knowledge Base of the cell:
    mccomp -n <Cellname>

    4. Restart the cell:
    mcell -n <Cellname>


    5. Then re-run the publish


    If it still fails, edit the $MCELL_HOME/etc/pserver.trace, and uncomment all of the log4j settings in the last two sections.  Then, restart pserver ('pw p r pserver'), and try to publish again.  


    Send the following output to BMC Support:


    A. The entire folder under pw/server/tmp/ps_cellname/


    B. The entire folder under pw/server/log/ps_cellname/

    Then undo the log4j settings changes in pserver.trace. 


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