BMC Helix Remedyforce Unable to Subscribe Users to Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce Lightning

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    When hitting on a Report  the Subscribe option in Lightning version you are not capable of subscribing other users to it.


    You might be missing some permissions on your profile or your org was created before Summer '13 release and has legacy folder enabled.


    A) Verify that your profile has the right permissions to Subscribe other to the report.

    1. Go to Setup | Profiles | Select your profile (i.e. System Administrator)
    3. Add the following permissions to your profile.
    •  Subscribe to Dashboards
    • Subscribe to Dashboards: Add Recipients
    •  Subscribe to Dashboards: Send to Groups and Roles
    •  Subscribe to Reports: Add Recipients
    • Subscribe to Reports: Send to Groups and Roles
    •  Subscribe to Reports: Set Running User
               3. Save and verify that you can now subscribe others to your report.

    B) If your org was created  before Summer ‘13 release it could had legacy folder sharing enabled, you would need to enable Enhanced Folder Sharing in Reports and Dashboards.
    1. From Setup, enter Folder Sharing in the Quick Find box, then select Folder Sharing.
    3. Select Enable access levels for sharing report and dashboard folders.
    5. Click Save.
    7. Verify you now can subscribe others to reports and dashboards
       For more information on the Enhanced Folder Sharing please see the following knowledge articles from Salesforce.

    Enhanced Folder Sharing in Reports and Dashboards: Considerations and Requirements :

    Transition Your Org to Enhanced Folder Sharing for Reports and Dashboards :

    Legacy Folder Sharing retirement :



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