Quickly Rearrange SRD Questions

Version 1
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    Have you ever needed to add a conditional question to and SRD only to have to rearrange them after user testing? Follow these steps to quickly rearrange questions without recreating them.

    1. On your SRD, create a new question called “put under here” under the condition and question you want your rearranged questions to be.
    2. On the SRM:QuestionDef_SRD form, search the Text field for “put under here”
    3. After searching, copy the SRD_ID and start a new search.
    4. Search for the SRD_ID copied from the previous step.
    5. The results should contain every question on your form. Updating the QuestionnaireID field with the value of the QuestionnaireID field for the “put under here”

    Note: You do not need to update the questions underneath the tree of the question. Also, don’t update the field on the root question!