How to upgrade from one build of Track-It! to the latest version of Track-It! 20.20.xx

Version 7
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    Before upgrading to the latest version of Track-It!, please follow the below steps


    • Download the latest version of Track-It! from the BMC EPD
    • Take a Full Backup of the Track-It! Database using SQL Server Management Studio. See How to backup Track-It! 2020 database
    • Take a snapshot of the application server if possible.
    • Please email to let know you are upgrading from TI2019 to TI2020 and also get the password to unlock the installer. Once you obtain this information, perform the next steps.
    • Edit the TIDBLOGS.INI  file located at :C:\Windows. Set the value Debug=1 and Trace=1 and save the file.


    At this point you can run the Track-It! Update.


    1. Run the Track-It! Setup as an Administrator
    2. Select the language for the installer. Hit next and accept the EULA.
    3. Select the both the options to upgrade the application server and the database

      5. Enter the Database information and hit Next.

      6. Enter the SQL server administrator username and Password. You must enter the SQL server login that has system administrator permissions.

      7. Next enter the credentials for the Local administrator account. This account must be an administrator on the local system

      8. The upgrade process will start. After the upgrade is completed, make sure to restart the Track-It! application server.


    Post Upgrade instructions:


    1. Make sure you can login to the Track-It! technician portal.
    2. Make sure you can login to the Self-service portal.
    3. Check if all the Track-It! services are running i.e. Track-It! Mail Monitor, Track-It! Job Processor, Track-It! Infrastructure Service,
    4. Create a test ticket to ensure email monitor is working.
    5. Check if you are receiving email notifications from Track-It!.


    Important Note: At any point of time if the Track-It! Upgrade fails, you will need to restore the database backup taken before running the upgrade.

    Do Not re-run the upgrade over a previously failed Database upgrade. This will cause further issues.


    Capture the upgrade log files located at the following locations.

    Location 1: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC\Track-It!\Logs



    Location 2: C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC\Track-It!\Database\Logs



    Create a support ticket with the BMC Track-It! Support by clicking Here and attach the Upgrade failure Logs.