TSOM: Failure of rules based group creation in TSPS

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    TrueSight Presentation Server


    TrueSight Presentation Server


    All TSOM versions from 10.5+



    Defining a group based rule definition with specific sub-string match.  Example of full monitor name - kz4uvwnhz7ownrefnyan/Microsoft Azure/BMC_Patrol_For_Azure/Shared DEV/a1feaeed-0706-464e-a20d-f0b76f4e2227/Virtual Machines/kz4uvwnhz7OwNREFNyan




    Attempting to select only for match - Azure/Shared DEV/ in rule definition... wild cards do not seem to work when pressing preview button; used the following syntax -


    Monitor Name matches '*<Azure/Shared DEV>*'



    Create a Parent Group for Shared Dev first and then again create a child group and select the created parent group and select pass a regex to select virtual machine.

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