Need to know if it is possible to find log of commands issued from CCS console that is launched from Consolidated window (MVCM MVCA)

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    How can you see which user entered a command on a particular mainframe console?


    When looking for an audit log for a command entered by a user, you need to:

    1. Turn on Command Auditing in Console Consolidation
    2. Determine which MVCM Console session into which the user entered the command

    Turn on Command Auditing:

    First, log into the MVCM configuration web page, and click on Console Consolidation. Edit the Console Consolidation server in which you wish to turn on editing.

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    Next, select the Logging tab. Check Enable Command Auditing. 
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    Note: changing this option will require stopping and restarting the Console Consolidation server. 

    Command Auditing must be turned on in every Console Consolidation Server where you want to track user command input. 

    Determine which Console Consolidation server's audit log contains the user command:

    To determine which Console Consolidation server's audit log you want to look in, you will need to know which Console Consolidation server the user connects to when entering commands. The MVCM Automation Viewer may be connected to many console servers and sessions simultaneously. Furthermore, a user may pop-out an individual console viewer when entering commands. All commands sent to the console, regardless of the viewer used, are stored in the Audit log.  

    To find which Consolidation server a particular session is running under, use the following methods: 

    MVCM Automation Viewer: 

    1. RIGHT-CLICK on the console session you are interested in. This will pop up the context menu. LEFT-CLICK on Show Message Details. 
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    2. The Message Detail window will show the CONSOLE_HOST (the IP address of the MVCM server), the CONSOLE_PORT (the TCP/IP port the Consolidation Server is listening on for user commands), and SESSION_NAME (which is the name of the console in the Consolidation server).  
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      If the user entered the command from a pop-up stand alone CCS Viewer, look in the lower left corner of the viewer to determine the CONSOLE_PORT and SESSION_NAME.  
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      3. Once you have the CONSOLE_PORT and SESSION_NAME, you can user the Console Consolidation Session Report to find the correct Consolidation Server name. This will point you to the Audit Log you are interested in.  
    To use the Session Report, click on Console Consolidation in the MVCM web configuration page. Select the Session Report button.  
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    In the Session Report, click on the CCS Client field to list the TCP/IP ports in numerical order. Search for the CONSOLE_PORT number, and you will find the Consolidation Server name. 
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      NOTE: Console Consolidation audit logs are named    CCSServerNameAUDIT.log. 


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