PATROL Agent(PA) 10.7 installation on RHEL 6.x,7.x failing with error [Prerequisite failure] PrePostInstallRunExpectTool: Incorrect password provided for root.

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Common Install


    While installing PA 10.7 on Unix/Linux box. even though provided credentials in package are correct, getting below mentioned error: 

    [Prerequisite failure] PrePostInstallRunExpectTool: Incorrect password provided for root. 


    PATROL user should be allowed to login to the server.
    If patrol user cannot login to server, installation will fail.
    The workaround is to download the package to the server.
    Switch to the PATROL account( using command " su - <patrol_user>"
    Execute the command

    Login to patrol account and then try to login to root as root account using "su -" and not "sudo su –".
    It needs to be allowed on the server. 

    If login to root using "su -" is not possible, add the patrol user to the wheel group on Linux so it can su - to root with a password. 

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