How to determine the Storage Violation condition for CICS transactions?

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS


    What options are available in MainView for CICS to detect storage violations?.


    Storage violations area is very complex and in most cases involve a detailed dump analysis to determine the cause of the problem.
    From MainView for CICS point of view on this subject, we rely heavily on what information is provided by CICS and at what point.

     - CTRAN view includes A9STGVIO field that shows storage violation for the transaction. 
       We get this information from CICS TXDSTAT control area (that represents statistics block for the transaction).
    - CTRANSV view is based on CTRAN and uses the A9STGVIO field as a filter to select transactions that have storage violations greater than 0.
    - The FT088 message issued via our @PRB1 monitor is also using TXTDSTAT field to trigger the message.
    ***  There is no Task Id provided anywhere at these levels.

    CICS made a change in CICS/TS 5.5 to expand the DFHSM0102 message text to include tranid and trannum and show which task failed:

    DFHSM0102      applid tranid trannum A storage violation   
                   (code X'code') has been detected by         
                   module modname.                             

    Users can use MainView AutoOperator to screen these messages and produce an alert warning of this condition. 


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